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Lakes Entrance
The Surfer's Paradise
The Gippsland Lakes is the largest inland waterway in Australia with 400 sq. kilometres.

Lakes Entrance provides the opening to the Ocean for Lake King, Lake Victoria, Lake Reeve and even Lake Wellington in East Gippsland of Victoria.

This openning is also the only gateway for vessels from the local fishing fleet to pass throught it to/from the Ocean. The openning is constantly maintained by the sand dredger, April Hamer, to ensure it is suitable for vessels to use.

The Ninety Mile Beach facing the Ocean and along the Lakes is a surfer's paradise 

Lakes Entrance...
As you drive approaching Lake Entrance,
the road drops steeply and we saw spectacular views of Lakes and Ocean.

Looking at Lakes Entrance (far left)
from the Look-out point near Kalima Hotel.....
on the right is part of Lake King  which merges with Lake Reeve and Lake Victoria, the later links to Lake Wellington thru a narrow in-land waterway, McClennan Strait.

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